I had fun with this assignment…..

I have been preparing for this moment for a long time, twenty-four years to be precise. I knew they would get tired of living in the shadows and the vampires had already taken the night it was only a matter of time before they invaded us. 

My bunker has been the base of operation ever since my first sighting. I remember my sister, Marsha, shaking me violently out of my sleep to come and see. She was 10 and I was 8, I followed her as she crept in towards the balcony. We saw a dim light glowing in the distance the blue light came on and off rapidly almost in what we knew to be morse code. And then we saw other tiny blue lights glowing across my grandmother’s farm and in an instant the lights seemed to fly slightly above the ground and merged into each other and one huge red light formed. We watched transfixed as little butterfly looking creatures came out of the red light. 

“Aliens?” I looked at Marsha. 

She let out a quick yes. Everything we saw was similar to what our grandfather had once told us before he died. We always assumed it was folklore but here it was, corresponding what he described he also saw on this very field almost 60 years ago. Since then, Marsha and I devoted ourselves to studying everything about them. We found his old journals, where he recorded other sightings and drawings to match. The old man wasn’t mad after all. 

My first order of business is to go down to the bunker and douse myself in the nectar we have been collecting. Next Marsha and I would have to put on our hearing aids, even though our hearing is perfect for mere men, their sound is between 1 and 2 decibels and to know if they are close, one must hear them. My grandmother should be forced in the bunker she is unbelieving and could be interpreted as hostile. After securing her down there we will get out backpacks which are laden with nectar bottles, night vision glasses, more hearing aids and if needed, the tranquilizer guns. The problem with the tranquilizer gun is that it has never been tested but my hope is that we do not need to use them. Through all our reading and research the goal is to make the aliens our allies.